You have a great opportunity to enjoy your favorite games with the quality and comfort of the field in the center of Kiev!

Football field

  • Standard size of the field for mini-football 20x40 m.
  • Professional coverage-premium ULTIMA artificial grass with the height of 40 mm.
  • Certified by FIFA.

The maneuverability of the players and their full commitment, of course, depends on the safety and comfort of the coating of a football field. Players should be focused on tactics and not worry about what might cause injuries in the game. Fitness club "Grand Prix" thought about it, so there is a qualitative mini-football field.

In addition to the best in town playground for mini-football, you will also appreciate the convenient parking for customers of fitness club "Grand Prix", comfortable locker rooms and showers. The field is illuminated in the evening hours, which makes it possible to play even after work.

As you can see, with all the conditions for an enjoyable game in mini-football, it remains the case only for your desire!

Rent a mini-football field

7:00-23:00 - weekdays
8:00-22:00 - weekends and holidays

The "Grand Prix" fitness club has everything you need,
to the game of football has brought the best out,
and customers want to come back here again.


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