Aqua Fitness

Aqua Fitness is strength training aimed at the development of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It is carried out both on shallow and deep water using special equipment for people with an average level of training.

How do aqua fitness classes go?

All training is done in the water. It begins with a warm-up using basic movements of aqua aerobics to prepared the body for further loads and adaptation to water.

The warm-up is followed by the main unit with various exercises for all muscle groups using special equipment: dumbbells, gloves, belts, boards.

Exercise can be lined up in small sets with alternating intensity of load on the muscle groups or performed in one set with a thorough working out of each exercise. There is always the pause between sets and exercises to restore breathing and maintain a pulse within the necessary “fitness zone”.

Occupation normally ends with a hitch and recovery exercises.

Who is Aqua Fitness for?

Depending on the degree of workload, classes will suit everyone, regardless of the preparation level. The only restriction is possible medical contraindications.


Aqua fitness allows you to maintain the tone of the body, rejuvenates the skin, helps to lose weight and serves as a starting point for those who plan to do more intense exercises in the future.

This is especially true for those recovering from injuries or childbirth, as well as for the elderly who are seriously concerned with their health. For those who want to improve the stretching of muscles, doing aqua fitness will simply become irreplaceable, since in this case the load on the body is much less, which will allow to achieve the desired result in a short time without negative consequences.

Aqua Fitness Trainers

Aqua fit for pregnant women

During pregnancy as excessive loads are contraindicated for women, it is aqua fitness that will allow you to keep your body in good shape and at the same time protect your body from excessive physical effects.

This is due primarily to the fact that all classes are held exclusively in the water, its level being deferent depending on the load.

  1. The minimum. The water level reaches the hips, thereby allowing to conduct classes even with those who cannot swim. The main direction of such activities is to strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks.
  2. Medium. Water reaches the level of the chest, allowing to perform a greater set of exercises. With active exercises, the skin condition is noticeably improved, and excess weight is also lost.
  3. High. The depth in the pool exceeds human height, so that the student is in constant tension. The tonic effect on the entire human body reaches its maximum as absolutely all muscle groups are involved, which also serves as a weighty argument in favor of such exercises.

In addition to pregnant women, such exercises are perfect for the elderly, helping them to maintain the overall tone of the body.

Contraindications for Aqua fitness

One of the most significant benefits of this type of training is that almost everyone, with rare exceptions, can do it regardless of age or weight.

Aqua fitness at the Grand Prix Fitness Center

This type of training in the pool is considered one of the most popular with a certain category of visitors to the fitness club GRAND PRIX, and you can enjoy ideal conditions for performing a complex of various activities here.

Our coaches have the highest level of qualification and will help to pick up classes for a specific group of people in proportion to their physical abilities, weight and other factors. If you are set to do your body and achieve results, then the services of the GRAND PRIX will certainly come in handy. Such training will give a tangible result and a lot of positive emotions!

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