Aqua Mama

Aqua Mama is an occupation for expectant mothers, based on special exercises that have a beneficial effect on a pregnant woman’s body. It is held on deep water.

How do classes Aqua Mama go?

All training is done in the water. It begins with a warm-up using basic movements of aqua aerobics and articular gymnastics. The task of such a warm-up is to smoothly prepare the body for further loads.

The main unit includes special exercises for expectant mothers. The task of the training is to improve blood circulation, relieve the spine and strengthen the muscular system. This training is based on the physiology and needs of expectant mothers.

Occupation necessarily ends with a hitch and recovery exercises.

Who is suitable for Aqua Mama classes?

Training is suitable for expectant mothers who do not have contraindications for physical activity.


You get excellent health, muscle tone and harmony of the body of the expectant mother thanks to:

  • improvement of the circulatory system;
  • strengthen the pelvic floor muscles;
  • improving metabolism;
  • control over weight gain;
  • improving the emotional state.

This type of gymnastics is definitely an excellent means to improve the condition of expectant mothers and allows you to fully prepare for childbirth.

Aqua Mama Trainers

Contraindications and recommendations for training Aqua Mama

The complex of exercises Aqua Mama is focused primarily on expectant mothers, so almost all pregnant women who are allowed moderate exercise can do it.

As for the exceptions, these are contraindications from doctors, as well as the last stages of pregnancy. Also, do not engage in Aqua mama in case of miscarriage risk, with various chronic diseases, as well as strong toxicosis.

Experts recommend before training to stock up on quality drinking water, not to start exercises on an empty stomach or after a lack of sleep, and also to choose the most comfortable swimsuit that will not restrain movement.

Intensity of loads and control over them

The most important requirement is that you should consult your doctor before starting Aqua Mama classes. If there are no contraindications, then you can start training at almost any gestational age. The only recommendation is that in the initial stages one session per week will suffice.

It is necessary to feel your body and in case of any discomfort, consult with a trainer and gynecologist. If the discomfort arose only once, then proceed to the next workout in a few days. If each session causes discomfort, you should seek a specialist’s help to avoid negative consequences.

Aqua Mama at the GRAND PRIX Fitness Center

A distinctive feature of our fitness center is that there are real professionals who have a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge. Our coaches are also very good psychologists that turns each training with expectant mothers into a very pleasant emotional exercise.

Knowledge of medicine and the appropriate technique during training will help each guest to avoid excessive loads and to get maximum benefit from training without harmful effects on the body. You should definitely visit the GRAND PRIX if you want to be fully prepared for the birth of a healthy baby and avoid the negative effects of childbirth.

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