Aqua Noodles

Aqua Noodles is muscular endurance and coordination of movements. It is carried out both on shallow and deep water using special flexible sticks  ̶  noodles.

How are Aqua Noodles done?

All training is done in the water. It begins with a warm-up using basic movements of aqua aerobics to prepare the body for further stress and adaptation to water.

The warming up is followed by the main unit, a variety of exercises for all muscle groups using noodles. The main unit can be lined up in different ways, depending on the day of training and the choice of a specific program by the coach. Basically, the lesson consists of either blocks, including small sets, or is built on the principle of one set, followed by alternating the intensity of the load, exercises on different muscle groups and rest between exercises.

The training normally ends with a hitch and recovery exercises.

Who is suitable for Aqua Noodles?

Aqua Noodles is suitable for people with completely different levels of physical fitness.


Due to the specifics of training with nodules, completely different muscle groups can be developed, while achieving tangible results in a relatively short period of time. Worth noting are also other benefits of such the training:

  • improved coordination;
  • a large number of calories lost;
  • a variety of exercises;
  • development of full-fledged activities for children.

Due to the specifics of the trainings and their constant shift, a noticeable increase in muscle mass and the loss of excess weight are noticeable. Another feature is that thanks to the moving elements of the noodles it is possible to comprehensively calculate the level of load, increasing or decreasing it as necessary.

There are dozens of full-fledged exercises with flexible sticks, and each experienced trainer can offer the client unique training options designed for maximum performance depending on the body structure, level of fitness and other parameters.

Aqua noodles trainers

Aqua Noodles: how to make training in the pool more efficient

This type of aqua aerobics is significantly different from traditional trainings as it makes use of specific equipment. Noodles are soft non-sinking sticks of different diameters and lengths, which allow even the simplest exercise to complicate and make more effective. An important feature of Aqua noodles is the fact that it has almost no age restrictions and is suitable for people with absolutely any level of physical fitness. It is the variability of the exercises that makes the technique so effective and efficient. It is important to note that in order to achieve the maximum result with each training you should carefully pick up appropriate equipment  ̶  safety glasses, a bathing suit and special shoes will be very useful. This is especially true of shoes, which will keep the body balance on a slippery surface.

Possible contraindications

In most cases, this type of aqua aerobics is available to everyone without any special restrictions. Nonetheless, the elderly people should be very cautious of exercising because they require precise coordination of movements and the ability to keep the body balanced. Also, the noodles will not be entirely appropriate when performing classes on recovering from injuries in the initial stages. In general, this is a great kind of aqua fitness that will suit almost everyone.

Aqua Noodles at the Grand Prix Fitness Center

Our specialized trainers will help develop a unique training system that is focused on each individual, while observing strict safety requirements. A separate pleasant bonus will be the cost of aqua aerobics in our center, which is fully compensated by the high level of professionalism of the staff and the effectiveness of each individual training.

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