Training is done with the special exercise bike (imitation of cycling race). The success of the program lies in the effective burning of 600-900 kcal for 1 hour of work. Promotes strengthening and development of endurance of the cardiovascular system.

Training structure

Throughout the training, you pedal, starting to workout in low-intensity mode for 5-7 minutes, gradually increasing the intensity and degree of resistance (using special handles on your exercise bike).

In the middle of the class, the intensity alternates, reaching the maximum and dropping to the minimum to restore breathing.

At the end of the class should be a hitch and stretching.

Who is suitable for it?

Everyone with a certain experience of training and not having contraindications for doing sports can work out using exercise bike.


About 1000 kcal burned for 1 hour of workout, training of endurance and the cardiovascular system, and a stunning fat burning effect.

Main advantages of Cycle classes

For many practitioners, cycling classes will be an excellent alternative to several training groups at once, allowing (with the right approach) to use almost all muscle groups. The main feature of such training is that it dynamically changes the pace of loads and their duration, which makes it look like cardio, while providing a much more tangible effect.

Cycling exercises are in many ways similar to riding a regular bike, although the design of the simulator itself is somewhat different, and the loads are achieved by alternating movements in a sitting and standing position. Also, the following parameters affect the effectiveness of training:

  • The required speed of rotation of the pedals;
  • Controlled resistance level;
  • Placement of the body relative to the axis of rotation.

Thanks to this, cycling aerobics almost completely simulates cycling over rough terrain with a constant change in the intensity of rotation and increase in speed. This technique is ideal for losing weight and for this indicator is many times greater than running and some other types of activities.

Control of training intensity

The frequency and intensity of the loads are determined by a fairly simple principle and depend solely on the expected result. If we are talking about maintaining physical fitness and gradually building up muscles, then two or three sessions per week will suffice. With the active weight loss, the frequency of visits to the gym should be increased up to four times.

The level of load can be quite accurately adjusted depending on the real needs by adjusting the resistance force of the pedals, so people with different levels of physical fitness can be engaged in each group session. Cycle against cellulite helps as effectively as many other narrowly focused techniques, because the frequency of the heartbeat increases significantly during exercise, blood flow to the muscles improves and skin firmness and elasticity is restored.

Who should not do it?

Since increased physical exertion with variable intensity influences the human body quite strongly, this sport should be followed by those who have the necessary level of training and have no medical contraindications.

Also, people with weak joints fall into the risk category, since the specifics of training leads to an increased load on them. It’s better to avoid extreme cycling in this case.

Cycling at the Grand Prix Fitness Center

Our fitness center allows you to work most effectively on high-quality equipment and achieve tangible results in the course of each workout, focused primarily on weight loss.

We have the experienced trainers who are able to choose the most effective set of exercises for cycling, depending on the preparedness of the group members. Due to this, the intensity and duration of the load is extremely beneficial, allowing you to avoid the excessive load that can adversely affect the body.

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