Deep Aqua

Deep Aqua is a training, developing coordination, strengthening the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It is held in deep water using a supporting belt and special gloves with membranes.

Training structure

All trainings are held in the water. Training begins with a warm-up with the use of basic movements of aqua aerobics, its task is to prepare the body for further loads and adapt to the water.

The main unit includes various exercises for all muscle groups using special aqua gloves, which allows you to expand the range of exercises, as well as increase the load and intensity of some exercises.

The use of a special belt helps to float and perform exercises without overloading the upper body.

Training necessarily ends with a hitch, exercises to restore breathing and stretching.

Who is suitable for it?

People with an average level of physical fitness.


A lot of calories burned, excellent cardiovascular workout, great muscle tone of the whole body and excellent well-being.

Deep Aqua Trainers

The main features of classes

The phrase Deep Aqua means training in deep water, which are considered to be the most difficult among the whole complex of aqua aerobics exercises. That is why special gloves with membranes and a supporting belt are used as additional equipment.

Both of these elements of equipment allow you to significantly increase the number of exercises, and the belt serves as an additional insurance, allowing you to slightly reduce the load on your upper body. This is really a necessary measure, because in the process of practicing the legs do not touch the bottom of the pool all the time, and the load on the shoulders and arms may turn out to be too much.

Deep Aqua is mainly focused on strengthening the muscles of the back, lower back and abdominals, although with a properly selected set of exercises, it can increase the muscle tone of the body as a whole.

Level of load intensity

Since such classes do not allow touching the bottom of the pool, the level of person’s training should be no lower than average. In this case, the exercises will be the most effective and will not have a negative impact on the body.

Also, in many respects, the load indicator is determined by a set of exercises, which the trainer initially selects for a particular group. At the same time, this type of training does not have special contraindications for health reasons, with the exception of exacerbations of certain diseases.

The effectiveness of training

Due to the integrated approach, everyone involved in training will get a tangible result very soon:

  • Improvement in overall muscle tone;
  • Stimulation of the cardiovascular system;
  • Prevention of radiculitis in the early stages;
  • Recovery of the back after injuries;
  • General improvement of the body state.

It is the proper selection of workouts in combination with the beneficial effects of water makes this type of aqua aerobics an excellent option for those who want to gradually improve their physical performance, strengthening the body and increasing the degree of load in order to achieve better results.

With the right approach, this type of exercise can significantly increase the level of endurance and achieve tangible results compared to other activities that are not carried out in water.

Deep Aqua at the GRAND PRIX Fitness Center

Each our customer gets a tangible advantage, since the specialized professionals with years of experience are engaged in the development and conduct of training. Due to this, it is also possible to approach the process of training variably considering your own capabilities.

Achieving the maximum results in the shortest possible time is the main goal of our trainers, so each training session gives the maximum effect. This is especially true when training occurs on a regular basis.

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