Fat Burn

Aerobic strength training is aimed at fat loss due to the use of all muscle groups and workout in high-intensity mode.

Training structure

The session begins with a general warm-up (5-10 minutes) to prepare the body for further intense loads.

Training consists of multi-repetitive approaches with alternating loads on the muscles, the maximum fat burning effect is achieved due to the pace and minimal pauses.

Who is suitable for it?

As the session requires increased intensity you need a certain training experience and to have no contraindications for doing sports.


This workout is suitable for those who want to dry the body, strengthen the cardiovascular system, pump all the muscles in one workout, and burn the maximum calories. As a result you will end up with a great body.

Fat Burn Trainers 

Key features of training

A distinctive feature of Fat Burn from most other types of training is that it harmoniously combines traditional aerobics complemented by exercises.

This combination allows you to achieve maximum fat burning, muscle gain, relief creation and complex drying of the body. The secret of this effectiveness lies in the intensity of the exercises themselves with high dynamics and the absence of gaps for rest.

This unique combination of cardio loads with the use of fairly lightweight equipment along with basic aerobic exercises at the expense of their intensity brings tangible benefits:

  • The fastest possible weight loss;
  • Improvement of the cardiovascular system;
  • Significant blood flow to the muscles;
  • The development of relief and muscle mass.

In the process of training the body loses the maximum possible calories, so before you start training, you must seriously consider the issue of proper and balanced diet.

Dynamics and result

The harmonious combination of acceptable loads, active body movements and consistently a high intensity session allows you to make the best of every individual type of activity combined with Fat Burn.

It is noteworthy that such exercises are most effective for the abdominal area, buttocks, back and lumbar region. As these areas of the human body are least susceptible to the process of fat burning such a beneficial effect on them during the sessions fully justifies all the effort expended.

To achieve maximum results, it is important to follow the training schedule and hold them on a regular basis. Since the exercises are quite exhausting and require tight breath control, it’s not worthwhile to run yourself ragged. Much more effective will be to select the level intensity in accordance with the real capabilities of the body  ̶  only then you can gradually increase the load.

Experienced trainers can correctly assess the level of physical fitness and select the optimal set of exercises, taking into account its frequency and intensity. In this case, training will bring optimal results in a fairly short time.

Fat Burn with the best GRAND PRIX trainers

Active fat-burning workouts offered by the GRAND PRIX fitness center will be an excellent option for those who value their own time and aim to get the maximum result with the minimum amount of time.

Our specialized trainers optimize at the professional level various types of loads in such a way as to provide the necessary level of weight loss without possible adverse effects for the body.

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