Interval Functional

Interval Functional

It is an Aerobic training, built on the alternation of aerobic and strength functional exercises with both their own weight and using different equipment: step platforms, dumbbells, body bars, shock absorbers.

A feature of this session, as well as any interval training, is the alternation of aerobic and power blocks, which has an excellent fat burning effect. The training involves not only basic exercises, but also functional exercises that have a positive effect on the work of the stabilizing muscles, as well as the body itself.

Perhaps this is one of the most effective workouts. Sessions can be built in different ways, but mostly you will be offered blocks (aerobic and strength, functional), which will alternate with each other. During a workout, you work through a large number of muscle groups, including muscle stabilizers, which has a positive effect.

Training structure

The session begins with a general warm-up (5-10 minutes) to prepare the body for further intense loads.

Organization of session depends on the trainer’s choice, qualification and also what the trainees want.

Interval training may consist of:

  • classic blocks: aerobic, power and functional, alternating with each other;
  • circular intervals, repeated two or three times during the workout;
  • special “stations” (exercises) that you change with your colleagues during the workout;
  • work with mini-sets with alternating high- and low-intensity loads.

Who is suitable for it?

The exercise is of increased intensity, so you need a certain training experience, and it is important not to have contraindications for doing sports.


Interval training is suitable for those who want to dry the body, strengthen the cardiovascular system, pump all the muscles in one workout, and burn the maximum calories. As a result, your will end up with the great body.

Interval Functional Trainers

Key differences

Since interval functional training is fundamentally different from most other types of aerobics in its diversity, it makes it much more effective. This is due primarily to the fact that in the process of training are involved completely different muscle groups, most often used in everyday life.

This fundamental difference from strength exercises develops more effectively the muscle groups that allow you to improve coordination of movements and posture, increase endurance and tone of the body as a whole.

Also, one more advantage of Interval Functional is the possibility of active development with increasing loads. The alternation of various exercises, including strength, the constant increase in the weight of the equipment and the increased intensity of the exercises themselves provide the maximum result with quite reasonable and adequate loads.

Why do you need it?

The most powerful argument in favor of Interval Functional is diversity. Due to the individual approach, each trainee receives an even load on all muscle groups, thanks to which the body develops organically. With the same power loads the effect is achieved exclusively in one particular direction, and the stress level during such sessions is much higher.

Interval Functional is an ideal option for those who do not aspire to a sports career, but still want to have a flawless body  ̶  slim, toned and durable, ready for most of the standard loads coming along everywhere.

Interval Functional at the Grand Prix Fitness Center

Training in our fitness center will meet of each trainee demand as we offer an individual approach. The required level of loads and the selection of specific exercises in the process of training will allow you to achieve excellent results in a fairly short time.

Coaches of Interval Functional

Igor Lubyk

Igor Lubyk

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