Strength training, during which the load is evenly distributed only on the zone of the abdominal muscles.

Training structure

The session begins with a general warm-up (5-10 min.) to prepare the body for further loads.

The main unit is built, as a rule, according to the principle of performing one exercise in one set, but in different modes (at a different pace). In the end, we perform a large number of repetitions for the set, which allows us to achieve excellent tone (30-35 minutes).

As after any training, traditional and necessary stretching follows at the end of the session.

Who is suitable for it?

People with completely different levels of physical fitness.


Excellent tone of the abdominal muscles.

Press Trainers

Training prospects

It should be noted that the narrow focus of sessions as well as the level of load allow you to quickly get the desired relief of the abdominal muscles. At the same time the trainings are conducted in a fairly intensive mode, and the growth of loads must be gradual.

Most people are confident that the varieties of the exercises are quite small, although in reality that’s not the case. Since the abdominal cavity is supported by completely different muscle groups, the necessary loads are focused on each of them:

  • Straight muscles of the abdomen;
  • Oblique external muscles;
  • Transverse muscle group;
  • Oblique internal muscles.

All these four groups perform different functions. They can be equally effectively used during active exercises only due to the correct selection of exercises and their intensity.

Key recommendations

There is another myth: allegedly, active training of the press can get rid of excess fat tissue in the abdomen. In fact, they are either redistributed to other zones, or do not disappear at all. For this reason, to get the coveted 6 pack will be possible only in the case of a combination of workouts on the press with aqua aerobics, fitness and other activities that have a fat burning effect.

If you set a goal to reduce waist size, you should focus on the so-called vacuum exercises, which are focused on the work of internal muscle groups, which ultimately allows you to create the perfect shape of the abdomen.

As for the level of loads, experts consider that the most effective option is when one set requires no more than 15 repetitions. It is with this approach that the muscles actually train. If, however, significantly increase this figure, the press will begin to work on endurance, while maintaining its basic physical parameters.

How to train the Press

In any sport, there is the set rule: what is excessive is not sober. This also applies to ab workouts, since it is not the number of exercises that is important here, but their quality, as well as a combination with other types of training, including cardio.

It is quite obvious that the effectiveness largely depends on what kind of training program the trainer will select. This determines the parameter depending on the physical level of training, the boundary permissible loads, the state of the body and the goals set. If we the objective is to strength the muscular corset, then one set of exercises is needed, in the case we want to get 6 pack body  ̶  a fundamentally different one.

Training Press at the GRAND PRIX Fitness Center

The undoubted advantage of training in our fitness center is an accurate understanding of each trainee’s needs by our trainers and a flexible approach to creating a training program, depending on all the required factors.

At the same time, many years of experience allows us to prevent any complications in the process of training, thereby ensuring maximum efficiency of power loads, avoiding the harmful effects on the body.

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