Soft functional

This is a unique training system that combines the basic elements of functional training and Pilates. At its core, it refers to conditioned (wellness) workouts, as it does not stress the joints.

How do the Soft Functional classes go?

As with any training program, Soft functional training classes begin with a little warm-up to prepare your body for further loads.

This is followed by the main part of the workout. First, together with the trainer, you will learn and practice the exercises in Soft functional training. Thanks to this you will learn the technique of each movement. Depending on the level of difficulty of the session, the basic movements can be combined into a set of exercises (a bunch). Functional training mainly involves working with your weight, but individual exercises can be performed with dumbbells, with a fitball or other equipment.

At the end of the session a hitch is required.

Who is suitable for Soft Functional?

Functional training is available for everyone: for women, for men, and even for children. This fitness line is ideal for:

  • beginners with no workout experience in the gym or strength training;
  • people who want to learn the correct technique for performing basic exercises;
  • those who are contraindicated for more intense physical activity;
  • people who are not overweight but just want to keep themselves in shape.

Contraindications for Soft Functional

Functional training is a gentle form of fitness, so there are practically no contraindications. Moreover, it is even recommended for people with problems of the musculoskeletal system, since exercise has a healing effect.

But still it is worth remembering that in some cases, exercise is contraindicated. Doctors, as a rule, prohibit any physical activity in case of:

  • severe blood diseases;
  • neoplasms;
  • diseases of internal organs in the acute stage;
  • high pressure.


The main feature of the functional training method is that the emphasis is not on burning calories, but on rehabilitation. People suffering from headaches, problems with intervertebral discs, the initial stages of scoliosis after a few months of training begin to notice a significant improvement of health.

In addition, functional training can be your first step into the world of fitness. Here you will learn how to correctly perform basic exercises that are used in any other directions.

It should be noted that the functional training in its pure form is not intended for weight loss. But by combining functional and strength training (for example, crossfit), or by supplementing functional training with exercises in the gym, you can achieve noticeable results.

Soft Functional Trainers

Soft Functional in the GRAND PRIX Fitness Center

Soft Functional training in Kiev in the GRAND PRIX club is done in comfortable halls, with modern equipment and professional trainers. Our specialists are regularly trained in functional training to improve their skills.

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