Strip Plastic is a dance class built on smooth, graceful movements. Doing this training will make you feel the full benefits of fitness and dance.

Strip-Plastic, Pole Dance and Go-Go: What's the Difference?

These concepts often replace each other, which is wrong. The principal difference between them is that the plastic strip is performed without a pole (pylon). At the same time, other surfaces can serve as a prop: strip plastics be danced on a chair, on the floor, etc.

But this is not all the differences. Often floor dance is called “strip plastic with a pole,” which is also a mistake. Strip plastic is primarily a dance, whereas floor dance is more likely to be fitness. Therefore, choosing plastic strip or floor dance, you should consider these points.

As for go-go and strip plastics, they also have quite a few differences. The first is essentially a pure club dance, aimed at igniting the public, forcing the public to dance with you. But plastic strip is more like a dance for a sweetheart. For one viewer.

How do the Strip-Plastic classes go?

Strip plastic training begins with a warm-up. Of course, it will be dancing, like all subsequent training! If in fitness, warm-up is designed primarily to warm up your body and prepare it for exertion, in Strip-Plastic the task of warm-up is to tune your body to music and let it relax.

The main part of the session consists of two parts. In the first part you will learn the various movements and elements of Strip-Plastic, and in the second part you will combine them to form a dance.

The final part of the training consists of strip plastic exercises at a slower pace, aimed at relaxing muscles and stretching.

Who is suitable for the Strip-Plastic?

Strip plastic classes are suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to dance or just wants to enjoy training. Unlike floor dance, strip plastic is not suitable for children and men. And the indications for classes are very simple:

  • the desire to develop flexibility and grace;
  • irresistible craving for dancing;
  • the desire to reveal your inner sexuality.

If this is all about you  ̶  you should definitely come to the strip plastic sessions in Kiev.

In addition, strip plastic is the best addition to the weight lost process. We are absolutely sure that we must not forget about internal changes when we lose extra pounds. And the benefit of strip plastic is precisely that you can learn yourself and your body better.

Strip-Plastic from scratch

It is not necessary to have any dance skills. Strip plastic is quite suitable for beginner dancers, literally the level "from scratch." You should not worry that classes will be too difficult. Strip plastic classes for beginners begin with basic movements, elements follow from simple to complex. But if you are still very afraid of your first strip plastic training, you can try to dance at home in front of the computer following classes by famous trainers. For example, strip plastic with Carmen Electra. Or take an individual class or a master class from one of our trainers.

Contraindications for Strip Plastic classes

Since Strip Plastic does not involve intense physical exertion, it has no contraindications.

Unlike other areas of fitness, where there are pros and cons, benefit and harm, Strip Plastic has no negative consequences and is not traumatic.


Visiting dance training on strip plastic, you can develop coordination, flexibility, musicality. The main task of these classes is to get a charge of good mood and self-confidence. Already after a month of training, you will feel a huge difference between before and after. With each session you will perform movements more accurately and beautifully.

Strip-Plastic Trainers

Strip-Plastic at the GRAND PRIX Fitness Center

Learning Strip Plastic in our club is training in the center of Kiev at an affordable price. Our professional, sensitive trainers will show you that you are able to dance and can dance. They will help you discover your talents and make dance an integral part of your life.

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