Strong Legs

It is strength training aimed at developing the strength of the leg muscles, which also includes isolated work on problem areas to create the perfect shape of the legs.

How does the Strong Legs session go?

The session begins with a general warm-up (5-7 min.) to prepare the body for further loads.

Next, we proceed to the main unit, during which we perform various exercises for leg muscles (basic and isolating), for example: squats, lunges, deadlifts, leg abductions, swinging weights, lifting the pelvis up and others (30-35 min.).

The main unit is followed by the second mini-unit, aimed at the abdominal muscles (5-7 minutes).

The session is always completed with exercises to restore breathing and stretching all muscle groups (5-7 min.).

Who is suitable for Strong Legs?

People with completely different levels of physical fitness.


From such a workout you can expect a large number of calories burned at least, as training legs and the press, as a rule, takes a lot of energy. You will end up with excellent muscle tone of the legs and abdominals, harmonious forms and good mood as a maximum.

Distinguishing features of training

Since it is the legs that account for the maximum amount of load during daily exercises of a person, it is the tone of their muscle groups that allows them to avoid overwork as effectively as possible. Any professional athlete necessarily keeps in his arsenal of exercises effective methods of increasing of the leg muscle mass, no matter what kind of sport he does.

The main goal of such activities is the formation of the correct structure of the leg muscles, giving them an attractive shape, as well as a moderate increase in volume. With sufficient intensity, Strong Legs will also allow you to lose a few extra pounds, but its main goal is to correct the gluteus muscles, calves and other groups that account for the maximum load.

Among the benefits of such training should also be included:

  • High enough intensity;
  • Improved blood flow;
  • Increasing the overall level of endurance;
  • Improvement of state of health;
  • Increasing the overall tone of the body;
  • Partial effect on abdominal muscles.

The last item plays a somewhat separate role, since it helps to ease the load on the legs, highlighting part of the workout on the loads oriented specifically to the press. Such equipment was developed by trainers of the fitness center GRAND PRIX and has already managed to prove its effectiveness and viability.

Performance indicators

It is quite obvious that training exclusively for one muscle group is not nearly as effective as combining various types of loads. Such a decision will not only improve the tone of the target part of the body, but also has a beneficial effect on it as a whole.

As for the specific case, this type of aerobics, which combines leg and abdominal exercises, really gives good results. This is due to the fact that both groups of muscles are closely interconnected, therefore one-sided development of one of them is less effective than even distribution with priority in the direction of the legs.

The advantages of Strong Legs at the Grand Prix Fitness Center

Since the trainers of our fitness center are real professionals, they have an appropriate approach to organizing the training. The harmonious combination of loads on different areas of the body in the framework of a single workout gives a truly impressive result and does not lead to the depletion of the human body.

Due to this, each session will bring maximum pleasure, while ensuring efficiency and visible results in a fairly short time. This is what allows you to avoid excessive loads and energy loss, while achieving the desired effect under the clear guidance of a professional trainer.

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