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Children's fitness at the Grand Prix: small steps to great victories

Parents’ dream is to see a child healthy and happy. We are accustomed to making dreams come true, and this one will not be an exception!

The Grand Prix is ​​a family fitness club that meets the expectations of the most demanding guest. And as it is known, children are the most demanding. They do not have to be bored here, because the diversity of classes and directions takes into account the specifics of a particular child when choosing a sport.

Our team of professionals has developed special programs that involve moderate physical activity. Such activity improves human health and immunity, hardens, and develops important skills such as flexibility, speed of reaction and endurance.

In addition, fitness classes at the Grand Prix help in studying. Scientists have proven that physical activity has a positive effect on the work of the brain, develops the ability to concentrate, as well as imagination and memory. In addition, professional trainers always form in their students spirit of strength and leadership qualities.

Water zone for children

Swimming is excellent exercise, so you should go swimming! It is one of the most favorable and soft types of physical activity, which practically has no contraindications. Often classes in water are prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the spine and joints. In addition, it is the best way to prevent the development of scoliosis among children and teenagers. And relay races teach responsibility for the overall team result.

For young swimmers there are two types of classes: group classes and individual. Both types of trainings are carried out by qualified trainers specializing in water sports. Group classes are divided into two age groups: 6-12 and 12-15 years. The trainer pays attention to each swimmer, gradually teaching the right technique. Personal training is the perfect option for your first visit to the pool. Even if the child is very shy or for some reason afraid of water, the individual approach of the coach will help to overcome any fears!

In order to show to children that persistent work and a conscientious attitude to the training necessarily give results, there are regularly swimming competitions at the Grand Prix. Young athletes climb one step higher and show their results. Of course, the winners are awarded with nominal diplomas, cups and medals.

The Grand Prix Children's Club is more than just sport activities. In addition to physical development, your child will be able to exercise leadership skills and creative abilities. A variety of classes will allow you to choose exactly the kind of sport that your child will like. After all, the training will be effective, only if your child goes there with pleasure! For this reason, we have developed special children's programs that include exercises in the form of a game. And the helpful coaches will help the child to become familiar with the team and to show oneself.

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