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Healthy and balanced food is one of the foundations of harmonious human development. It is often impossible to achieve the desired sporting results without correction of food.


In our restaurant you will forget about the myth that useful food cannot be tasty! The menu presents classic and modern dishes of both Ukrainian and European cuisine. Only fresh and quality ingredients are used to prepare them. We offer you a fresh look at healthy food, because we are sure that it is bright tastes, unusual combinations of products and the benefits of each dish.

Fitness Bar

This is a place of pleasant relax and refreshment after a workout. Here you will find useful drinks that will fill you with energy for new achievements. In the range of our bar - fresh juice, elite grades of fragrant tea and coffee, that will incredibly invigorate you. We also offer a wide range of sports nutrition from leading manufacturers to achieve high sports results. Our experts will give you an assist with the choice of such supplements and provide all the necessary information. After all, the right choice of sports nutrition can provide the necessary strength, increase endurance and, most importantly, restore the energy expended, as well as help your body cope with a strong physical activity.


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