Badminton can be called the most popular sport of every court, park or sports ground. The tools for the game are familiar to all racquets and a shuttlecock.

Why should one choose badminton? Everything is very simple: it is dynamic; it makes you move all the time and concentrate on the shuttlecock. The latter has a positive impact on the eyesight, since, in addition to the muscles of the body, the eye muscles are actively working. Another system of the organism, which is positively influenced by the game with a racquet, is respiratory organs. There have been cases where such activities have improved the health of people who are suffering from asthma.

Thanks to the professional trainers, as well as the game form, the classes are fun and easy. Badminton will help the child to show leadership qualities, because the game involves competition with the opponent. And if four people play badminton, two players from each side, children learn to interact and take responsibility for the result.


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