High intensity class boxing, wrestling, tae-bo and unarmed combat will allow you to deliver a crushing blow to the stress, bad mood and excess weight. Our coaches are experienced fighters, who quickly teach you how to move confidently not only in the ring but also outside it.

Ring, mat bags, pillows, stuffed wrestling, punching bags and mannequins – classes for the boxing, tae-bo and kickboxing fight are unlikely to be more effective. Shock absorbing flooring. Great audio system and best hip-hop tracks will create a unique fighter's atmosphere.

high-intensity boxing classes, wrestling, tae-bo and martial arts will help you either to lose weight, increase muscle or strength, reduce stress, improve sports performance or simply start to feel better!

Our coaches – are well-experienced fighters, who can quickly teach you being confident not on the ring, but also outside it.

Heavy bags, speed bags, double-end bags, mitts or a combination thereof – all these equipment makes the trainings super effective!

  • Amortizing floor
  • Powerful audio system which adds a dose of high energy and motivation to your workouts


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