Tennis is one of the most useful sports for children. The child is constantly moving, with the load evenly distributed to all groups of muscles. And since during classes it is necessary to watch the ball, eyes also train. Another advantage of tennis is the game form of training, during which there are elements of the competition.

Classes take place in a group of four to six players, which are formed according to the age and level of training of young athletes. Individual workouts are also available. It is better to start sports at an early age. The tennis section is open for kids from three years old. Our coaches will not only be able to teach the child all the intricacies of the game, but also cultivate love of sports and the desire to win.

Even if tennis is for your child - just a hobby, it's very important that they take place in professional courts. After all, the quality of the cover prevents possible injuries. The Grand Prix uses one of the most advanced coatings in the world from the Spanish company GreenSet.


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