Artistic gymnastics

Artistic gymnastics is one of the most spectacular sports. It is simply impossible not to admire the skill of gymnasts, their physique and grace.

Most parents are afraid to give girls the rhythmic gymnastics section due to heavy physical activity and exhausting workouts while choosing other sports. We assure you that the goal and priority of the Grand Prix is ​​the health and harmonious development of children. Classes with our trainers include moderate strain that correspond to the physical abilities of a particular child.

Gymnastics classes in our fitness club will be a solid foundation for a good physical form, correct posture, body flexibility and sports discipline. 

For classes a young athlete will need a form - a special swimsuit and ballet shoes. To get started, choose the simplest set, in which the child will be comfortable. "Concert" costumes will not be the best option for training. Before buying the form and sports equipment consult with the coach - he will tell you what the child will need. At first, equipment for gymnastics schools can be provided. 


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