Get ready for the changes! Cycle studio "Grand Prix" will make you stronger and fitter; this class will burn thousands of calories and speed up the metabolism. The combination of strength and cardio-loads do Cycle one of the most effective areas of fitness, and loud rhythmic music fills studio with unique drive! The usual bike ride is unlikely to bring the same pleasure as workout in Cycle-studio "Grand Prix".

Get ready to change! Pedal your way to peak cardio fitness with “Grand-Prix” cycle programs. Destroying annoying calories, increasing metabolism, strength and endurance – this is what you will get after a challenging, music-driven stationary cycling class that utilizes various training techniques and motivational strategies to simulate actual riding experiences.

  • You won’t get the same satisfaction after riding a traditional bike
  • 25 modern stationary cycling equipped with bike-computers
  • 100% realistic bike-riding imitation


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