Recreation pool fitness club "Grand Prix" - an oasis for those who are tired of city life.

Hydro-aero massage bath with stand-alone water filtration system, waterfall, counter, Roman and Finnish steamrooms, in other words - everything you need for complete relaxation in our pool.

The maximum pool depth - 1.7 meters

An hour in the "Grand Prix" is able to replace the weekend for those who really works hard. After swimming in pure ozonated water in the pool, you can lie down on the comfortable loungers and take a breath before the next swim, drink tea and chat.

The water temperature in the pool is 27-28 degrees. The temperature is higher than in sport pools, which allows you not to get cold during the water aerobics and swimming lessons, but it is lower than in relaxation pools, which reduces the level of strain on the heart.

Courses in the pool "Grand Prix" are held by world`s champions and champions of Ukraine in swimming.

Смотреть фитнес видео
Смотреть фитнес видео

In the schedule of fitness club "Grand Prix" you can find the most suitable program in the water zone, and can be engaged individually with any of our coaches.

Always glad to see you, come to us in the water zone with family, with children or simply for relaxation alone, because our pool is perfect for any mood.

For children

Feel free to begin inculcating love for swimming for kiddies and teens!

Our trainers will become the best guides of behavior in water and not only teach your child to swim, but also inculcate the technique and skill.

Swimming pool for adults

You can join in personal trainings, where you will learn how to swim, and in the future you will enhance your skills. In addition, group classes of water aerobics and special trainings for posture correction are held in the pool.

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