Aqua power

Aqua Power is a power class using special water dumbbells. It works out all muscle groups perfectly, develops strength and endurance.

How are trainings in Aqua Power done

All trainings are done in the water. It begins with a warm-up using basic aqua aerobics movements. The task of the warm-up is to prepare the body for further loads and adaptation to the water.

The warm-up is followed by the main unit with exercises for all muscle groups, using mainly special water dumbbells, as well as its own body weight. Work with water dumbbells is quite intensive, which allows to strengthen the upper part of the body well. As a rule, the training is built on the execution of one exercise in one approach with alternating the necessary pauses between exercises to restore breathing.

Occupation normally ends with a hitch, exercises for recovery and stretching.

Who is suitable for Aqua Power?

Aqua Power class is suitable for people with medium and high level of physical fitness, who are aimed at improving the tone and increase muscle mass. The load level is determined individually, therefore, no specific contraindications have been identified.


The minimum result is a gradual increase in muscle mass, improved coordination, agility and endurance. As a maximum ̶   an excellent fitness, the full formation of all muscle groups and the ability to do more heavy physical exercises with increased load.

Aqua Power Trainers

Aqua Power is effective training to improve muscle tone

The peculiarity of the trainings is that special water dumbbells and other auxiliary equipment are used increasing the level of loads significantly and resulting into the following positive changes:

  • increase in tone and muscle mass;
  • improvement of the cardiovascular system;
  • noticeable weight loss;
  • creating relief of the upper body;
  • improvement of the general condition of the body;
  • maintenance of fitness.

Classes are suitable for both men and women with medium or high level of physical fitness who do not have medical contraindications to such exercises.

Basic Exercise

Since the basis of aqua aerobics classes with dumbbells lies in increasing the loads and gradually increasing the pace of exercise, to achieve the result, a special soft and hard inventory is used. Each individual training lasts about 20 minutes on average, although it may vary for a number of reasons:

  • level of physical fitness;
  • the purpose of the exercise;
  • the intensity of the achievement of the result;
  • health status;
  • medical contraindications.

Aqua aerobics classes of this type are conducted under the strict control of the instructor in order to avoid any abnormal situations. This will allow everyone involved to clearly define the required level of load and avoid overwork, which is controlled by an experienced trainer with all the necessary medical knowledge.

Contraindications for Aqua Power

There are no special contraindications for practicing in the Aqua Power pool, but the level of physical fitness and health should be considered. Such exercises are not quite appropriate for the elderly, but here everything depends solely on the general condition of the body.

Also, do not overload a pregnant woman’s body, as well as those who are contraindicated excessive physical exertion.

Coaches of Aqua power

Alexandra Shakhova

Alexandra Shakhova

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