High-intensity boxing class, developing coordination, strength, speed and fighter’s tactical thinking. The class involves learning the basics of boxing, movement in the ring, staging blows and, of course, training all muscle groups.

How do boxing classes go?

Any lesson begins with a warm-up (5-7 minutes) to prepare the cardiovascular system, as well as the musculoskeletal system for further exertion.

Next comes the development of certain base strokes, after which you will work out combinations of such punches.

The second part of the training consists of special exercises for the development of strength and endurance, followed by recovery and stretching.

Who is suitable for Boxing?

Boxing classes are perfect for anyone who wants to improve muscle tone, coordination, increase stamina and strengthen the vestibular apparatus. The level of physical fitness should be medium and high.


Improved muscle tone, increased endurance, elementary skills of self-defense and the ability to begin more complex and intense physical activities.

Boxing coaches

Fight Club  ̶  why is it needed?

Fight Club allows you to achieve a high level of physical fitness through regular exercises with a gradual increase of physical activity. Step by step, everyone can achieve the following results:

  • improvement of the relief of major muscle groups;
  • increase in muscle mass;
  • improvement of health and physical condition;
  • improved response;
  • increased coordination and balance of the body.

Boxing allows you to develop completely different muscle groups, since most of them are involved in the process of training.

The main advantages of boxing

Along with improving the overall tone of the body fight club allows you to build muscle and create an attractive body relief. It is noteworthy that first of all it concerns the legs and the main muscle groups of the upper body. This is due to the specifics of training, when you have to constantly move around the ring, dodge, strike and squat, and do it all at the same time, changing the position of the body almost every second.

It is also noteworthy that each workout is not built solely on working out certain attacks, dodging, and squats, but is also complemented by a set of exercises to warm up muscle groups, as well as stretching. Here is one of the main reasons why boxing classes are popular among girls  ̶  this is a full-fledged comprehensive load, designed for the overall development of the whole body.

What success can be achieved

With the right and harmonious approach, boxing will allow you to successfully build muscle, improve tone and well-being, develop a reaction and even improve memory. This is largely due to the fact that each workout is not limited solely to physical exertion, but also requires vigorous mental activity, quick response to changing circumstances, and making the right decisions in the shortest possible time.

Who should not do Boxing?

Contraindications that will not allow boxing include problems with the cardiovascular system, chronic injuries and when doctors strongly discourage such exercises. There may also be certain contraindications due to chronic illness or physical exhaustion, when excessively intense loads can cause negative consequences for the whole body.

Boxing at the GRAND PRIX Fitness Center

One of the most significant advantages of our sports center is that everyone receives expert advice from professional trainers who can select the intensity and occupation according to actual needs. This will achieve maximum results in a relatively short time in a sparing mode.

Coaches of Boxing

Pavel Zadyrko

Pavel Zadyrko

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