Functional Training

Functional Training

High-intensity training aimed at the development of the functional capabilities of the body.

Training structure

The session begins with a general warm-up (5-10 minutes) to prepare the body for further intense loads.

The main part of the session consists of performing various functional exercises with the use of sand bags, TRX loops, working with own weight, special platforms and other equipment.

Training begins with low-intensity exercises, followed by a transition to more complex coordination exercises and high-intensity exercises.

At the end of the training there is a hitch and stretching.

Who is suitable for it?

Functional training is for those, with a certain experience of training and not having contraindications for doing sports.


Training is suitable for those who do not just want to dry their body, but also to pump all the muscles, including stabilizer muscles, for one workout, as well as burn the maximum calories. As a result, your will end up with the great body.

Functional Training Trainers

Complex exercise Functional Training

A distinctive feature of such activities is that, by the construction principle they are very similar to crossfit, but at the same time they cover a much greater number of physical activity types:

  • Gymnastics;
  • Aerobics;
  • Strength training;
  • Cardio load;
  • Weightlifting, etc.

In practice, this approach allows you to harmoniously develop absolutely all muscle groups, effectively burn extra calories and build muscle mass. Another feature is that Functional Training does not have any framework and can include a variety of groups of exercises chosen by the trainer for a specific level of fitness or the expected result.

An important feature is in the dynamics of classes  ̶  it is quite high, so different strength exercises alternate with each other with different intensity and periods of intermediate rest.

Used sports equipment

It should be noted that the number of sports equipment used in the training sessions is almost limitless. You can opt for simulators, weights, dumbbells, dead weight, jump rope and many other sports equipment.

Conventionally, each session involves a selection of different exercises performed non-stop, making them more effective and efficient. The important point is that the effectiveness of such training directly depends on the program the trainer has developed  ̶  it should be designed for a certain level of physical fitness, health and other indicators of each participant in the trainees group.

The effectiveness of training

During active training the body comes to a tone, the metabolism improves, the work of the cardiovascular system is normalized, and the blood flow to all muscles increases.

Such exercises can not only maintain a certain level of physical fitness, but also actively build it up, experiment with weights, level of load and the dynamics of switching between different types of exercises.

Functional Training at the Grand Prix Fitness Center

In our fitness center you will find everything you need to bring your body to the ideal through balanced workouts under the supervision of experienced professionals. Copyright development of Functional Training will allow you to choose the best option in proportion to your own capabilities and achieve excellent results in a short time.

An important role is played by the comfort of the training session, the availability of equipment and its extensive range, which allows varying the degree of load according to individual needs, even during group sessions.

Coaches of Functional Training

Igor Lubyk

Igor Lubyk

Natalya Polonik

Natalya Polonik

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