Circuit Training

Circuit training is one of the most effective areas in modern fitness. Already from the very name it is clear that the exercises here are performed in a circle. In this case, in just one session, you can work out different muscle groups.

How do Circuit Training go?

Since the exercises in the circular training are quite intense, the exercise necessarily begins with a warm-up. After that, your body will be warmed up and ready for loads.

This is followed by the main unit. As a rule, it consists of 3-4 circles, which include 6-10 exercises for different muscle groups. Circular training at the stations. At each station, you will find a new job and a new projectile. In one hour, you will do a circular workout for the legs and buttocks, do abdominal exercises and work out your back. Circuit training can include exercises both with a body weight, and with a barbell, with dumbbells, with a weight, with elastic bands and other equipment. Some exercises can be performed in pairs. The rest time between each set is regulated by the trainer.

The session is followed by a hitch to restore breathing, heart rate and relax muscles.

Who is Circuit Training for?

Circular training is a functional training of increased intensity, so it is not suitable for beginners, children and schoolchildren! Such classes can be attended by people with at least minimal physical training. As for the gender, the circular training is suitable for both men and women.

Circuit Training in other areas of fitness

The concept of Circular Training means a separate fitness direction, and a technique that is used in other sports. Therefore, do not confuse group Circuit Training as a type of training and circuit training in boxing, workout, crossfit, MMA, fullbody. There the concept implies a special way of constructing exercises for boxers, wrestlers, bodybuilders.

Circular Training for men and women can be also carried out in the gym. But nevertheless, the classical circular training is done without training simulators, but with special equipment.

Contraindications for Circuit Training

All-body Circuit Training is one of the most difficult areas of functional training. Therefore, it is not recommended for people:

  • with diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • having joint problems;
  • with high blood pressure;
  • having chronic diseases.

Circular Training for pregnant women is absolutely contraindicated!


Circular training in our hall is designed for the whole body, that is, in one session you will work out all muscle groups. These are fundamentally different from the split-workout, which involves only separate parts of the body. In general, Circular Training is suitable or directed:

  • for weight gain;
  • for weight loss;
  • on the development of power abilities;
  • on the relief of the body;
  • for body weight;
  • for developing endurance.

In short, the result of Circuit Training is a strong body with beautifully traced muscles.

Circuit Training for weight loss

Circuit training for men and women in the gym is aimed primarily at fat burning. During one session you will spend maximum energy, and therefore ̶   calories. This type of fitness can be called “mad drying” because the excess fat from the waist, hips and buttocks literally melts right away. So, the circular fat-burning workout for women is an excellent option for weight loss, which will gradually develop into a beautiful body.

Where is better to do Circuit Training: in the gym, in group workouts or at home?

As we have said, Circular Training on training simulators is a slightly different type of fitness. But it is also quite complicated, so we want to emphasize that the Circular Training for beginners in the gym should be conducted under the guidance of a trainer. We also do not recommend beginners to do this kind of training at home. Indeed, in the gym, the trainer will check the correctness of the exercises and your condition. More experienced trainees can do Circuit Training at home, for example, on the system Tabata system.

Circuit Training Trainers

Circuit Training at the GRAND PRIX Fitness Center

Circuit Training at the Grand Prix is the path to your dream body. Our trainers will help you achieve a real result without side effects. They are constantly improving their skills to make the training more diverse, interesting and effective. The halls in the Grand Prix are equipped with all necessary equipment and inventory.

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