This direction combines classical aerobic exercise and dance elements. All exercises in the Step Aerobics are performed on a special platform.

How do the Step classes go?

Training in Step Aerobics start with a warm-up to prepare the body for further intense loads and tune in to the dance wave. Perhaps this is the only part of the workout in Step Aerobics done without a platform.

The main part of the session includes several blocks. Of course, not a single session in Step Aerobics is complete without learning new movements. During the session, the elements will gradually become more complex and will form a dance bundle. To increase the effectiveness of the individual bundles Step Aerobics are performed with dumbbells or other weights. This allows you to work out your upper body as well.

The training ends with a short hitch to restore breathing.

Who are suitable for Step?

Training in Step Aerobics is available for men, women and children, for people with different weight and level of physical fitness. On the face of it, the Step Aerobics for beginners seems to be too complicated. Keep in mind that for the initial level in Step Aerobics, you are trained only for basic steps and simple bundles. To remember the movement better, the trainers pronounce the names of the main steps of the Step Aerobics. Though it is not necessary to memorize the Step Aerobics terms, it will definitely simplify your task.

In the process of learning the Step Aerobics, you will smoothly move from the initial to advanced level, and perhaps even want to take part in competitions in this fitness area!

Contraindications for Step

The functional Step Aerobics, as well as almost any fitness area, has medical contraindications:

  • high pressure;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • problems with the musculoskeletal system;
  • liver and kidney disease;
  • presence of tumors;
  • the postoperative period;
  • period of exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Step Aerobics and pregnancy are categorically incompatible, neither is Step Aerobics and varicose veins!


The basic steps of the Step Aerobics give the load to the lower body. Your legs, hips and buttocks will show the first results of the training. But since the extra weight leaves our body evenly, despite the exactness of the load, your body will look harmonious. In addition, a set of exercises for Step Aerobics develops:

  • endurance;
  • coordination;
  • sense of rhythm.

Step slimming

The main benefit of Step Aerobics is the ability to get rid of excess calories. In one session, you can burn up to 500 hated calories! Due to the intensity of movement, Step Aerobics is considered one of the most appropriate types of group workouts to help with weight loss.

Step Trainers

Step at the GRAND PRIX Fitness Center

If you are looking for a gym to practice aerobics in Kiev for reasonable prices, you have just found the perfect place! Our halls are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable, safe and efficient training. Our trainers are constantly improving their skills by studying at various master classes in aerobics.

Coaches of Step

Natalya Polonik

Natalya Polonik

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