Stretch is a special set of exercises aimed at stretching the muscles of the whole body, increasing the elasticity of the ligaments, tendons and improving joint mobility.

Training structure

At the beginning of the session there is a warm-up exercises to prepare the body for further loads. There is a warming up of muscles, ligaments and tendons for productive and safe workout.

This is followed by exercises for stretching absolutely all muscle groups and improving joint mobility.

Who is suitable for it?

People with completely different levels of physical fitness and also for those who want to do the splits.


Excellent recovery of muscle balance after power loads or cardio, bringing the muscles to the desired tone, improving blood circulation, improving the mobility of muscles and joints.

Stretch Trainers

The effectiveness of training

One of the distinguishing features of Stretch is that this category of exercises is often used as a warm-up or a dimming phase in other types of exercises. Against this background, it may seem that such training cannot boast of special efficiency and serve only as an addition to the more serious exercises.

In fact, this not the case, since there is a huge category of people who have excellent physical shape and at the same time strive to improve stretching of their muscles, thereby achieving better results in other types of physical exertion. Stretch in this case becomes simply indispensable, because it not only provides the elasticity and flexibility of the muscles, but also warms them perfectly. In practice, this allows us to tackle several issues at once:

  • Improve joint flexibility;
  • Increase the effectiveness of building muscle groups;
  • Improve blood circulation;
  • Get rejuvenating effect;
  • Increase the overall tone of the body.

As for the rejuvenating effect, it is achieved due to the improved circulation of blood, that enables oxygen to enter the cells in large quantities, thereby slowing down the aging process not only of muscles, but in general.

Key recommendations

To avoid negative consequences, stretch exercises should be performed gradually, since there is a fairly high risk of muscle strain. If this happens, the recovery process requires a certain time, thereby disrupting the training cycle. In this case, excessive zeal is only to the detriment of the body.

Another important point is the correct selection of training, their intensity and frequency. Almost all trainers use Stretch as an additional warm-up program between other types of training, but the stretching itself can be divided into a separate category of sessions. In this case, it is important to consider a number of factors:

  • Level of physical fitness;
  • Age of trainees;
  • Level of muscle compliance;
  • Permissible load level;
  • The duration of each session.

If the trainer does his job correctly according to all these parameters, everyone will end up with muscles that are really supple and ready for intense loads, while the most seriously set trainees can even do the splits. It is noteworthy that with the right approach, the age for such an achievement will not become a hindrance, which significantly increases the value and relevance of this type of training.

Stretch at the GRAND PRIX Fitness Center

The trainers of our fitness center exercise professional approach to the fulfillment of their duties, therefore, the effectiveness of each session conducted fully pays for all efforts and time.

Due to the flexible approach and understanding of the needs of each trainee, even group sessions become extremely effective for each member of the group, which is an undoubted advantage for those who use our services.

Coaches of Stretch

Igor Lubyk

Igor Lubyk

Tatiana Sokolovskaya

Tatiana Sokolovskaya

Yulia Vyunitskay

Yulia Vyunitskay

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