Tae Bo

Tae Bo is a High-intensity aerobic training with elements of techniques of oriental martial arts.

The specificity of the training is built on the technique (steps, punches and kicks, turns) of martial arts. It is adapted to the format of an aerobic group fitness workout, taking into account the preparedness of the group. Thus, you can master the technique of movements much easier and faster and perform them with maximum efficiency.

Training structure

The training begins with a general warm-up (5-10 minutes) to prepare the body for further intense loads. In the warm-up, special Tae-Bo steps are seamlessly included to adapt and ease the following combinations.

During the session, you learn a simple combination of steps, punches and kicks with alternating intensity, which allows you to achieve a good cardio and fat burning effect.

At the end of the workout, as a rule, there is a block on the press (5-7 minutes), breathing restoration and stretching exercises (5-7 minutes).

Who is suitable for it?

The exercise is of increased intensity, so you need to have some training experience, and also not have contraindications for doing sports.


This workout is suitable for those who want to dry the body, strengthen the cardiovascular system, pump all the muscles in one workout, and burn the maximum calories. As a result, you will end up with excellent body.

Trainers in the direction of Tae Bo

What is interesting about exercises

A distinctive feature of Tae Bo is the combination of three different types of workouts:

  • Martial art of Taekwondo;
  • Traditional boxing techniques;
  • Basic aerobic activities.

This combination of several rather different exercises gives excellent results if a person is aimed at burning excess weight and quickly bringing his own body into sports form. It is also noteworthy that training is equally effective for men and women, which makes it a universal solution for everyone.

An important feature of Tae Bo is that in addition to power loads, this type of training provides an excellent opportunity to get an emotional discharge, throw out negative emotions and benefit from it in the form of a toned body and a great mood. In practice, such training tackles several issues at once:

  • Increase the overall tone of the body;
  • Improves coordination of movements;
  • A kind of replacement cardio workouts;
  • Quick and effective weight loss;
  • Effective way of self-defense.

The last point is especially relevant for girls and women, since self-defense issues are always in the highest priority, and Tae Bo sessions will always make you feel more confident.

The right approach to training

To take up this type of training, you must have minimal physical training. Despite this, Tae Bo is really accessible to everyone, and with the help of an experienced trainer, even people with poor training will gradually be able to achieve excellent results.

In this case, the key requirement is the regularity of training, a reasonable approach to the choice of intensity of loads, as well as proper nutrition. If all these recommendations are followed, the visible results will be obtained in the shortest possible time.

Tae Bo at the GRAND PRIX Fitness Center

Tae Bo training is provided by specialized professionals in our center, so that everyone can do this exciting and useful kind of training. The combination of martial arts, aerobics, gymnastics and fitness, supplemented by emotional relaxation and beneficial effects on the entire body will give special emotions, allowing you to extract the maximum benefit from each session with quite reasonable physical exertion.

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