TRX is a system of exercises that are performed on special loops. This type of fitness appeared due to a marine who, to keep fit, was doing exercises with the help of available tools: ropes or belts. Later on, he also invented the modern TRX hinges.

How do TRX classes go?

Training begins with a classic warm-up to prepare the body for further loads.

Special loops are used throughout the main part of the session, The complexity of the exercises is increasing in during the workout, the load is also increasing gradually. During the training, you will work out all the major muscle groups: the legs, legs, thighs, buttocks, abs, muscles of the back and arms. The scheme of group sessions may be different, for example, functional training or circuit training.

The training ends with a hitch and stretching.

Who is suitable for TRX?

This type of training requires physical fitness, balance and coordination. Therefore, the TRX group sessions will be difficult for beginners. It is suitable for those with at least a minimum experience of training, who:

  • have a strong, relief body;
  • want to diversify the usual power loads;
  • workout even the deep muscles of the body;
  • develop endurance and coordination;
  • improve cardiovascular function;
  • TRX is suitable for both men and women.

TRX Contraindications

Starting training in this area, you need to consider not only your strength, but also your health. Training with loops is contraindicated in such cases:

  • if there are problems with the spine, brittle bones;
  • after injuries, surgeries, serious illnesses;
  • disturbances in the cardiovascular system;
  • hypertension.

TRX for pregnant girls is contraindicated! We can offer you Yoga or Aqua Mama sessions.


The peculiarity of this fitness type is that you work out exclusively with your own weight. At the same time, to maintain balance, the body uses deep muscles, which are difficult to work out just by doing strength exercises. This contributes to the harmonious development of the body, beautiful set of muscles and relief.

It is important that TRX develops such skills as coordination and endurance. Having mastered this type of training, you will cope with almost all areas of fitness.

TRX or gym

The effect of TRX training often exceeds the performance in the gym. Even basic exercises are more effective when practicing TRX loops, because the body additionally also includes stabilizing muscles. In general, you can do familiar exercises during TRX loops, but with more benefit:

  • attacks in TRX
  • TRX pull-ups
  • squats in TRX
  • TRX thrust
  • push-ups in TRX
  • TRX chest exercises
  • biceps workouts with TRX
  • exercises with TRX for the back

As you can see, you end up with a classical strength training.

TRX training with belts at home: the pros and cons

TRX fitness loops were originally designed for home or hiking conditions. It’s still worth to remember a few things. TRX is a simulator. So, it must comply with certain safety and quality requirements, which must be confirmed by a certificate. Please note that TRX is not a common name for training loops, it is the name of the manufacturer. The original TRX loops have analogs, for example, decathlon loops. Be especially careful when mounting the TRX to the ceiling!

But we recommend to start training with TRX loops in our gym. First of all, our trainers work according to the balanced TRX training program, observing the training schedule. Secondly, exercises with TRX require caution, unknowingly you can harm yourself. Thirdly, in our hall in Kiev you will move from simple exercises for beginners up to complex ones.

But if you still decide to install such loops at home, choose them on the official websites in sporting goods stores. Pay attention to quality: the price of original TRX belts in Ukraine should not be suspiciously low.

TRX: slimming workouts

Photos before and after TRX sessions are impressive. Training with TRX loops allow you to work out all the major muscle groups. You can do:

  • leg exercises
  • back exercises
  • chest exercises
  • exercises on the shoulders
  • exercises on the buttocks
  • abdominal exercises

TRX exercises are suitable for women and men. Exercises on the three loops are useful for both proper performance and adequate assessment of your strength. Exercises for beginners will always be more benign. But depending on physical development, The intensity of TRX training for women can be the same as for men. But for children, we advise you to choose another type of activity

TRX trainers

TRX at the Grand Prix

To make TRX sessions effective and safe control by the trainer is necessary, especially if you are not familiar with it. Our qualified trainers will help you to get from the session the result you expect. They are regularly trained in Kiev and other cities, attend all events, studios and master classes from leading experts.

Coaches of TRX

Natalya Polonik

Natalya Polonik

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