Upper Body

The very name of this direction of fitness suggests that the exercises in it are directed to the upper body. If you want to get rid of flabbiness of hands for a long time or make them more relief  ̶̶   you should do Upper Body!

How do Upper Body classes go?

To prepare the body for loads, the strength training necessarily begins with a short warm-up.

The scenario of the main part of the workout may vary. A set of exercises for Upper Body can be done in:

  • sets of 2-3 exercises;
  • one set, changing only the pace of exercise from slow to fast;
  • classical sets.

The main part consists mainly of classical exercises for the muscles of the arms, back and abdominals: different types of push-ups, traction, presses, various exercises for triceps, biceps and shoulders.

After the main one, there should be a short block of exercises for the abdominal muscles.

The training ends with breathing exercises and stretching.

Who are suitable for Upper Body training?

Training in this area is available to people with elementary, medium and high level of training. Feel free to join the training if you:

  • want to get rid of skin laxity;
  • feel that you do not have strong hands;
  • want to see in the mirror a beautiful, embossed press;
  • have a goal to start the metabolism and reduce weight;
  • strive to develop endurance.

Contraindications for Upper Body training

It should be understood that in this kind of activity the load is concentrated on the muscles of the back, arms and abdomen. Therefore, before joining the training you should consult a doctor. Especially if you suffer from:

  • problems with the spine;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • varicose veins;
  • joint diseases.

Intense strength training is not also recommended for pregnant women. After consulting your doctor, you can take up our special offers, such as Aqua Mama.


The most noticeable change after practicing the Upper Body will be your posture. You will no longer slouch, your shoulders will be straightened out and you will look ahead with confidence, not at the floor! And the correct posture is the primary prevention of diseases of the back. In addition, you will feel strength and tone in your arms, shoulders and back. And over time, even be able to boast a perfectly flat stomach or even 6 pack press. In terms of efficiency, Upper Body is comparable even to Workout.

Upper Body Trainers

Upper Body at the GRAND PRIX Fitness Center

In the GRAND PRIX there are all the necessary conditions for Upper Body training. The gym is has all modern equipment necessary for training: dumbbells, mini barbells, body bars, fitballs, medballs and others. Our trainers constantly improve their skills, follow innovations in the field of fitness. As a result, our trainees can pick up a variety of Upper Body workouts and enjoy them.

Coaches of Upper Body

Tatiana Sokolovskaya

Tatiana Sokolovskaya

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